Corporate Headshots

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Corporate Headshots

Flattering Corporate Headshots showcase the individuals that are the heart and soul of your company. Putting a smiling, confident face to your business has so many benefits: Your business becomes human, personable, and accessible, and can draw customers to you. Your web presence becomes much stronger and more attractive, which can do wonders for SEO. Your employees feel seen and valued, and that's always a good thing.

Bright and Creative, Traditional and Reliable, or Relaxed and Competent. We can set up the ideal session for your team, selecting backgrounds and lighting types that match your Brand Identity, Marketing Color schemes, and Target Demographic. 

For larger groups, I can set up backgrounds and lighting on-site in a convenient location to serve your entire team. Group pricing means that the more people we shoot, the lower the Per Person Cost, which means a higher ROI.

For individuals or smaller groups, it may be easier to set an appointment to visit my Photo Studio in downtown Plano. We'll get everybody set up without claiming space in your office. 

How We Serve

Flattering Corporate headshots provide you with an extension of your identity and presence.

Assured Significance

Corporate Website, LetterHeads and Flyers, or Linked In and Social Media. Headshots add personality to your web presence.

Flattering Presence

Most communication is Non-Verbal, so let's say good things. Enhance your portraits with tips and tricks on Body Language.

Skilled Photographer

Making the process easy, light-hearted, and low stress. I've learned how to streamline everything, and you'll have some wonderful headshots after.

Pro Gear, Pro Results

Top of the line, modern equipment means you get the absolute best results.