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Outdoor Charity Walks, Ribbon-Cuttings, Reunions, Awards Ceremonies and Black Tie Galas. Every event is the culmination of a huge amount of planning, time, money, and effort. You're going to want a dedicated photographer.

Call me about your upcoming events. Let's talk about what kind of photos you'd love to see (and what kind of photos we'd like to avoid), and I'll show up ready to capture the moments. 

How We Serve

You create your moments. I’ll capture them for you. 

With a fast turnaround.

Assured Impact

Whether it's a Red Carpet Step-And-Repeat, Candid party photos, or PR Images to drum up press for your next event.

Unique Shots

Every event is different, and some of the most wonderful moments only happen once. Don't miss them.

Skilled Photographer

20 years of experience shooting all manner of events in all manner of settings. I've got you covered.

Top Quality Photography Gear

Cameras, Lenses, and Lighting Tools mean I can have a large presence or be invisible. You'll see some top-quality photos afterward.